Monday, May 25, 2009

What is the difference between PDA and Smart Phone?

What is the difference between PDA and Smart Phone?
Many people may wonder, what indeed the difference between Personal Digital Asistant (PDA) with mobile phone or smart phone? Indeed, perhaps, the differences lie only in the history when they both appear. Later, the gadget complete itself with the ability to send e-mail, music, camera, video, GPS, to run the program office.
PDA phone started from creation of a gadget with the main function of the work as the assistant to keep notes and run office applications (office). Then, the PDA equipped its functions with telecommunications.
Smartphones are relatively simple rather PDA phone,” said Iqbal Willis, a gadgets observer.
Other difference lies in the performance. Appear since the beginning, with the presence of sticky PDA touch screen or touch screen. While the smartphone does not generally rely on touch screen but the existence of sticky Qwerty keyboard.
But now, good smartphone and PDA phone market shoot the same market. Both using the same weapons. For example: a camera, music, GPS and so on. Lalu, apa pertimbangan untuk memilihnya? Then what the consideration we need to select?
Here are some tips you need to know:First, identify your needs first. Apakah kebutuhan untuk memiliki perangkat sepintar itu dan semahal itu memang cukup mendesak? Does your need to have a device that smart and expensive is urgent enough?
Some smartphone or PDA phone may offers the ability to play music or camera but if you do not need the office, it is better to buy a multimedia mobile phone.
Take a note at the operating system, either the Symbian, Linux or Windows Mobile. Then see the external memory. If internal memory is big enough you may not need the external. But if internal memory small in capacity, it’s good that you can select the phone with external memory.
Third, the ability of the data connection, be it GPRS, HSDPA or WiFi. Also check does it have channel connection, bluetooth, USB, or infrared. No less important feature of completeness, from the standard function for messaging, phone, e-mail, and especially for the office.
Fourth, body. Clear wide screen and plus body slim and lightweight is more curvaceous rather than absorbed.
Fifth, of course, Find the price which is commensurate with the feature, plus match with our budget.

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