Friday, October 23, 2009

Nevio by Tivoli Cookware

A private tea party for the media was held by Parkson and Glowmark recently to introduce the Nevio by Tevoli cookwares.
The tea party included a cooking demonstration by celebrity chef Amy Beh where members of the media were invited to lend a hand.
Brought in by Glowmark, the Nevio by Tevoli range consists of open frypans in two sizes, covered saucepans in four sizes and the special multi-purpose cooker in two sizes, which is the main highlight at the Tea Party.
Easy peasy: Beh right showing members of the media methods of cooking with the Nevio by Tevoli cookware.
Nevio by Tevoli cookware is an exclusive range of Italian-designed, hard anodized, non-stick cookware that is available exclusively in all Parkson stores and for a limited time only.
The demonstration showed that by using the Nevio multi-purpose cooker, cooking duration can be shortened by half, hence one can cut energy consumption by 50%.
Unlike other conventional pressure cooker, the lid of the Nevio multi-purpose cooker can be opened during and immediately after cooking, hence maximum heat and taste is retained.
No standing time is needed thanks to the cookware’s pressure limiting valve system. Not only that, the range feels solid in your hands and look smart in your kitchen, too.
The hard anodized exterior make the Nevio cookware more durable than most of the conventional cookware.
It has heating conduction and smokeless quality and its interior is coated with The Greblon Defender non-stick coating, which is safe for metal utensils.
The cooking and explaining continued while members of the media sipped cocktail as Amy Beh whipped up a five-course meal without breaking a sweat.
She served reen Salad with Walnut, Lamb Stew, Chicken Soup, Spaghetti with Smoker Salmon in Creamy White Sauce and Chocolate Banana Cake — all cooked with the multi-purpose cooker, and right smack in Zang Toi CafĂ©, Parkson Pavillion.
“I can sum up the Nevio by Tivoli cookware in three simple points – it is easy to use, saves energy and retains the taste and flavours of food,” said Beh.
Nevio by Tivoli Cookware are available for redemption from now until Feb 15, 2010, exclusively at all Parkson Malaysia stores nationwide as part of the department store’s “Shop Collect Redeem” programme.
Shoppers receive a redemption stamp in the form of an extra piece of receipt attached to their main receipt when they make payment for their purchases at the cashier’s counters, every time they spend RM30.00 in a single receipt.
Just collect 15 redemption stamps (or 10 redemption stamps if shopper is a Bonuslink member) to redeem up to four pieces of Nevio by Tivoli cookware at super special price in one shot. So you’ll definitely earn some bragging right with these Italian designed pots and pans. It’s only for you at Parkson for a limited time, so hurry!
For details, call Jesz Lee at (03) 3344 2882, ext. 2704 or email

Saturday, October 3, 2009


That's one lucky guy! Scientist tries the new bra/gas mask. Photo: Steven Senne, AP

There are plenty of things we've hidden inside our bras: The odd dollar bill when we couldn't bother with a purse, or tissues before that late growth spurt finally kicked in...
But a gas mask? Now there's a first.

A sexy pink bra that transforms into two gas masks earned its creators, Dr. Elena Bodnar, Dr. Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan, a win in the public health category at last night's Ig Nobel awards ceremony, which recognizes scientific work that blends the unconventional with the practical, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the paper, each bra cup doubles as a gas mask, which means that you and your pal can decide whether death-by-nuclear-assault is preferable to sticking your face into someone else's used bra.

Decisions, decisions.

Dr. Bodnar -- who got her start investigating the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy -- insists that the bra can be used in a number of high-risk situations, citing the 9/11 attacks and the recent dust storm in Sydney, Australia, adds the source.

"You have to be prepared all the time, at any place, at any moment, and practically every woman wears a bra," she told the paper.
Regardless of cup size, the bra is reportedly designed to fit over a person's nose and mouth.

Hmmm... sounds like just the thing to get us through this swine flu outbreak -- or at the very least, help us survive our boyfriend's next trip to Taco Bell.