Saturday, October 3, 2009


That's one lucky guy! Scientist tries the new bra/gas mask. Photo: Steven Senne, AP

There are plenty of things we've hidden inside our bras: The odd dollar bill when we couldn't bother with a purse, or tissues before that late growth spurt finally kicked in...
But a gas mask? Now there's a first.

A sexy pink bra that transforms into two gas masks earned its creators, Dr. Elena Bodnar, Dr. Raphael Lee and Sandra Marijan, a win in the public health category at last night's Ig Nobel awards ceremony, which recognizes scientific work that blends the unconventional with the practical, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the paper, each bra cup doubles as a gas mask, which means that you and your pal can decide whether death-by-nuclear-assault is preferable to sticking your face into someone else's used bra.

Decisions, decisions.

Dr. Bodnar -- who got her start investigating the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy -- insists that the bra can be used in a number of high-risk situations, citing the 9/11 attacks and the recent dust storm in Sydney, Australia, adds the source.

"You have to be prepared all the time, at any place, at any moment, and practically every woman wears a bra," she told the paper.
Regardless of cup size, the bra is reportedly designed to fit over a person's nose and mouth.

Hmmm... sounds like just the thing to get us through this swine flu outbreak -- or at the very least, help us survive our boyfriend's next trip to Taco Bell.


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